POLOMOLOK, South Cotabato — Residents in this town covered by the government’s anti-poor program have recently initiated a remarkable effort in a bid to help themselves get out of poverty.
Juliet Clavel, program coordinator for Conditional Cash Transfer in Region 12, reported Wednesday a cluster of low-income beneficiaries in the village of Lamcaliaf agreed to spare Php 100.00 from their monthly cash grants for them to use in future income generating business.
“Our field workers monitors their savings. Individually, they are going to use someday the money to fund their own business,” Clavel said.
“We did not require these people. Through the series of family development sessions, they learn how to save the money they get from the government,” regional program manager and assistant regional director Gemma Rivera said.
More than 3,000 households are currently covered by CCT program in Polomolok.
The CCT program provides direct education and health subsidies for families who comply with certain conditions, including regular school attendance for children and regular health center visits for mothers. (End)