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Centers transform victims into achievers

RSCC awardee

Ms. Camelia Taha, Center Head of RSCC pins ribbons to Joshua, assisted by Ms. Abe, House Parent.

This school year 2009-2010, protective centers of Department of Social Welfare and Development Field Office (DSWD FO) 12 generate two academic awardees, one high school and three elementary graduates, and two toddlers completed Day Care program with special awards.

Anna (not her true name) is Best in Islamic Studies, Best in Values, Most Punctual & Most Respectful of the grade five class in Koronadal Central Elementary School (KCES) as the classes ended.

Gina (not her true name) is the Deportment student of the Grade IV class of KCES.

Rita, Rubie and Rutchel (not their true names) graduated in KCES this school year while Mitch (not her true name) finished her secondary education last march at Koronadal National Comprehensive High School.

They are, the kids of Home for Girl run by DSWD FO12, once victim of sexual abuse and exploitation. With the protective care and rehabilitative services they receive from the center, they are able to regain self-worth and dignity. Bringing them back to normalcy, like other ordinary kids, they aim for a brighter future.

On the other hand, Reception and Study Center for Children (RSCC) 12 is proud to have both Joshua and Robin (not their true names) received three ribbons ( Most Punctual, Most Friendly and Most Kind) during the recognition ceremony after completing the Day Care Program of Provincial Capitol Children’s Home in Koronadal City.

Joshua and Robin were referred to RSCC in October 25, 2007 and March 31, 2005 respectively. They will be enrolled in Kinder1 this coming opening of classes in June 2010. Papers of both kids are now in court waiting for the declaration of abandonment. These kids are among the 13 neglected, dependent and abandoned, abused and exploited children that RSCC 12 currently provides protection and rehabilitation services through temporary residential and alternative family care.

Despite of the absence of parental and family care, these kids believe they can conquer their future. Mitch, who recently graduated from high school, dreams that someday she will be a chef in a five star hotel. She cooks well at her age. Her cuisine impressed the staff of Home for Girls. She aspires to take Hotel and Restaurant Management if she be given the opportunity to go to college.

They are the kids that hope to restore their lives into normal functioning through the rehabilitation process in our centers and community intervention. And, you can help them restore their lives. In the case of Mitch, you can be a sponsor of her education through scholarship, free tuition, school supplies or allowances.

Here are some other avenues where you can contribute in the rehabilitation of kids in the protective centers of DSWD 12. You may: 1. commit your time & expertise in the center thru volunteer work, 2.Be one of our professional volunteers in the field of medical & mental health, legal, care giving and practical skills, 3. Sponsor the education of wards thru scholarships, free tuition fees, school supplies and/or allowance, 4. Share food, clothing & the like, 5.Sponsor birthday parties, socializations, and field trips, 6. Be a foster parent or adoptive parent, 7.Give opportunities for employment, 8. Sponsor livelihood projects, 9.Sponsor practical skills training, and10. Donate appliances & equipments for the use of kids in the center.

For more details on how you can be of great help to the centers, you may dial Ms. Camelia A. Taha, Center Head of RSCC 12 @ (083)2288-211 and Ms. Nelia Ignacio, Center Head of Home for Girls @ (083)2288-622.