Result from the first round of nationwide household assessment conducted by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) in 2009 shows that a total of 118, 566 or 40.1% of the 296, 043 poor households in region XII belong to the Indigenous People group. Of this total number, 36, 629 or 51.8% poor households are found in the Province of South Cotabato. Twenty- two thousand nine hundred seventy-four (22, 974) or 36.8% settles in the Sultan Kudarat Province and 19, 604 or 44.1% are in Sarangani Province. Meanwhile only a total of 468 or 2.4% poor household families are in Cotabato City.

And, the Province of North Cotabato holds the largest population of poor household belonging to the indigenous people group in region 12 with a total of 38, 891 or 39.3% poor households.

The nationwide household assessment is facilitated by the National Household Targeting Unit (NHTU) of DSWD. The significant event is said to be pushed through this year and will subject 775, 335 households in region XII for assessment.

Meanwhile, DSWD 12 Director Bai Zorahayda T. Taha encourages Local Government Units, National Government Agencies and other social protection stakeholders to use Listahanan as basis in choosing the beneficiaries for their poverty alleviation programs and services.

Executive Order 867 mandates national Government Units to adopt Listahanan as mechanism for identifying poor households who shall be recipient of social protection programs nationwide. End-amed