The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) reveals that 48% of the 1.6 poor individuals in Region XII are women.

Accordingly, the Province of North Cotabato posted the biggest share with 262,362 identified poor women. The Province of North Cotabato is trailed by South Cotabato with 182,105 poor women, followed by Sultan Kudarat with 160,698 poor women and Province of Sarangani with 115, 342 which posted highest share. Cotabato City has 50,157 recorded identified poor women.
Meanwhile, out of the 48% or 770,664 poor women in the region, 54.8% or 422,078 women are age 15 years old and above. Of which, 63.8% or 269,427 have no occupation, 12.3% or 51,894 women were posted Laborers and Unskilled Workers.

Other primary occupations with the highest number of share of women age 15 years old and above are farmers, forestry workers and fishermen with 11.4% or 47,997 women. Service Workers and Shops and Market Sales Workers with 6.9% or 29,042 women, Special Occupation with 0.8% or 3,431 women, Trades and related workers with 0.8% or 3,214 women.

Government and Special Interest Organization Officials with 0.4% or 1,521 women and Professionals posted a percentage share of 0.3% or 1,359 women. Meanwhile, Clerks posted a total of 0.2% or 859 women age 15 years and above in the region. Plants and Machine Operators and Assemblers posted a total of 0.2% or 775 women. And the occupation to post the lowest number of share of women age 15 and above is Technicians and Associate Professionals with 0.1% or 336 women.

These findings are based on the first National Household Assessment conducted in 2009 which DSWD subjected a total of 581, 853 households in Region XII to Proxy Means Test (PMT). Out of said number, a total of 296, 043 households were identified as poor. ###