GENERAL SANTOS CITY – The effects of government’s anti-poverty program among poor people in Central Mindanao will be felt in the next four years, a government official said Wednesday.

Bai Zorahayda T. Taha, Department of Social Welfare and Development regional director, said in statement that while the conditional cash transfer program commenced in 2008, its full effect will be felt ten years.

“It’s not overnight drive,” Taha said, adding the program is not meant as a poverty reduction effort but only contributory to the campaign.

“We are sending the children to school for them to finish high school. That’s our main goal and it is an investment in human capital for them to have a fighting chance to be part of inclusive growth,” Taha said.

“If they finish the high school, it will show them the window for a greater chance of getting employed,” she added.

At the same time, the director cited the investment in health would ensure that children are healthy and capable of finishing their studies.

The CCT hands over a monthly stipend of P1, 400 to poor families. Regular receipt of the allowance depends on compliance with the conditions of the grant: That the money would be used for the children’s basic needs such as food, education and health and those parents would attend family-development sessions. (End)