DSWD XII features highlights of the recently concluded National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week 2016 or NDPR.
Noel Manabe and Erick Sabanal, chair and vice chair, respectively of Regional Council for Disability Affairs said, “we thank the govt for the support for persons with disability.”
Manabe urged other PWDs to submit a doctor’s certificate that entitles them to get an ID that offers benefits and privileges to them.
Sabanal refers PWDs as those visually impaired, speech and hearing disability and those orthopedically disabled.
He also mentioned that those who experience “stroke” may avail of an ID.
Naira Sumpingan Aratuc, chief of community-based section of DSWD stressed the govt’s support to PWDs.
As of today, the list of PWDs may be accessed through DSWD XII and may also be a source of information for those agencies and NGOs interested to provide services to them.
Today, the law for PWDs is expanded by providing them extra benefits, among them are discounts for burial and funeral as well as tax exemptions.
Manabe in a closing statement said, “let us not look at our disabilities rather, let us see our strenghts and what we can contribute to the community.