The Department of Social Welfare and Development being the lead agency for Pillar 3 which is the Aftercare, Reintegration and Transformation Support for the Recovering Drug Dependents (RDDs) supports the government’s convergence effort to combat illegal drug use and provide government – wide full support for the rehabilitation of drug dependents.

The RDDs Focal said “to provide a wide array of programs/interventions and to strengthen rehabilitation and reintegration of the drug dependents in the community, DSWD should have an Internal Technical Working Group (TWG) to strategize the implementation of the program.”

The Internal Technical Working Group (TWG) shall be composed of the DSWD Heads, SWAD Team Leaders, Sectoral Focal Persons, Regional Focal Person of the Special Project, and the CPSS Staff. TWG members need to be oriented on the DSWD roles and services that can be made available for the RDDs.

Regular Internal TWG meetings are essential to ensure that RDDs are given appropriate programs and services of the Department as this is one of the priorities if the present administration – RDDs Focal added.


By: Salahuddin Macacuna AbdelGafur
Social Marketing Officer