KORONADAL CITY — The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) has launched three public service announcement-videos which highlight the Department’s commitment to dedicated service, anti-corruption practices, and compassionate service to the Filipino people.

“We are sharing three new videos to the public to show DSWD’s commitment to serve. These  PSA -videos portray the work  values that we in the DSWD continue to  adhere to. We hope that through these materials, we can reach out to more people and encourage them to become partners in development and good governance,” DSWD Officer-in-Charge Emmanuel A. Leyco shared.

The three PSA- videos convey the following key messages: maagap at mapagkalingang serbisyo (efficient and compassionate service); patas na pagtrato sa komunidad (fair treatment to the community); at tapat na paglilingkod na walang puwang para sa katiwalian (fair and loyal service without any room for corruption).

The first PSA focuses on “maagap at mapagkalingang serbisyo”.  It tackles the respective roles of local government units (LGUs) and the DSWD during incidents of disaster and calamities. It also shows  the readiness of the Department to help disaster-affected families in their efforts to recover from their ordeals through  its early recovery programs.

The second PSA focuses on “patas na pagtrato sa komunidad”.  It shows how the Department gives equal treatment to all client-beneficiaries who see access to the DSWD’s programs and services. The video also shows the different ways on how members of  the public can help others through volunteer work with the DSWD and through providing donations.

The third PSA focuses on “tapat na paglilingkod na walang puwang para sa katiwalian”.  It showcases the qualities that DSWD employees  should possess– honesty, efficiency, compassion, and promptness – when it comes to delivering services to the public and to communities.

“We appeal to the media and to the public to help us share these videos with the greatest number of Filipinos so that we can generate a culture of trust between government and the public, and invite more stakeholders in the delivery of genuine service for the benefit of the poor and disadvantaged sectors,” OIC Leyco said.

The videos can be viewed on DSWD’s social media accounts. #

DSWD PSA “Mapagkalinga” – https://youtu.be/fTHePRlDW4U

DSWD PSA “Tapat at patas” – https://youtu.be/1yW8y7K34k8

DSWD PSA “Walang kurapsyon” – https://youtu.be/llsM-RQhJaQ