From Left, ARD Jackiya A. Lao (DSWD 12 Data Protection Officer), Director Myrna V. Clavesillas, BOT Chairman and Executive Director and designated Data Protection Officer Janice Pauline E. Del Castillo

KORONADAL CITY — SOCOTECO-I Foundation, Inc. entered into a Memorandum of Agreement with DSWD through the National Household Targeting Unit as reference in the selection of beneficiaries mainly, but not limited to, Mission: Juan Koneksyon (M:JK).

The SOCOTECO-I Foundation, Inc. from among its program has identified Mission: Juan Koneksyon (M:JK), a project that intends to provide free electrical installation to poor households.

According to Director Myrna V. Clavesillas, BOT Chairman, the data obtained from DSWD Listahanan database shall be used to determine beneficiaries such as individuals, households, communities, group, etc. in the implementation of other programs of SOCOTECO-I Foundation, Inc. like lighting homes and communities, education, health and wellness, environment protection and livelihood program.

“The beneficiaries of Mission: Juan Koneksyon are poor households from within the franchise of South Cotabato 1 Electric Cooperative, Inc. (SOCOTECO-I),” Clavesillas added.

As of December 31, 2016, there were 167,583 poor households without access to electricity out of the 192,812 poor households with access to electricity in SOCCKSARGEN Areas. Of this figure, a total of 19,584 poor households without access to electricity were from within the franchise of South Cotabato 1 Electric Cooperative, Inc. (SOCOTECO-I):

From left, Edon M. Onto (NHTU Statistician), Sohra P. Guialel (PPD Chief), ARD Jackiya A. Lao, Director Myrna V. Clavesillas (BOT Chairman), Executive Director Janice Pauline E. Del Castillo (SOCOTECO-I designated Data Protection Officer)
  1. Banga – 1,620 HHs
  2. City of Koronadal – 1,134 HHs
  3. Lake Sebu – 4,610 HHs
  4. Norala – 534 HHs
  5. Santo Niño – 414 HHs
  6. Surallah – 1,612 HHs
  7. T’Boli – 5,491 HHs
  8. Tampakan – 666 HHs
  9. Tantangan – 709 HHs
  10. Tupi – 1,620 HHs
  11. Lutayan -1,174 HHs

The SOCOTECO-I Foundation, Inc. designated Executive Director Janice Pauline E. Del Castillo as Data Protection Officer while Assistant Regional Director for Administration Jackiya A. Lao as designated DSWD 12 Data Protection Officer.

In 2015, it can be recalled the DSWD conducted the house-to-house assessment to get the socioeconomic information of the households. This resulted in the identification of 360,395 poor households out of the 805,379 total assessed in SOCCSKSARGEN Region.

Additionally, to request the list of poor households including their personal information, the following documents are needed along with the letter of request addressed to the Regional Director:

Local Government Units (LGUs)

  • Signed MOA (Governor/Mayor)
  • Sangguniang Panlalawigan/ Bayan Resolution
  • Executive Order designating a Provincial/City/Municipal Data Privacy Officer

National Government Agencies (NGAs)

  • Signed MOA with designated Data Protection Officer

Civil Society Organizations (CSOs)

  • Signed MOA with designated Data Protection Officer (DPO)
  • Board Resolution (original copy)
  • Valid proof of identification of agency head and DPO
  • SEC Registration

Members of the Academe

  • Data sharing shall be limited to raw data and statistics
  • The letter of request from researcher/professor/research adviser and vouched by the Dean or any school authority

As specified in the guidelines, all stakeholders requesting access to the list of poor are required to designate at least one (1) Data Protection Officer who will oversee the use, security and protection of the data.

Furthermore, data users shall submit to the DSWD reports on how the data were utilized including if these were shared with other data users.

Listahanan, also known as the National Household Targeting System for Poverty Reduction (NHTS-PR), is an information management system that identifies who, where and how many poor are nationwide.###