Alamada, Cotabato Province – In response to the emerging threat of La Niña following the challenges posed by El Niño, the Department of Social Welfare and Development FO XII, through its Project LAWA and BINHI (Local Adaptation to Water Access and Breaking Insufficiency through Nutritious Harvest for the Impoverished), has concluded a successful 3-day cash-for-training program aimed at strengthening the capabilities of poor and vulnerable families.

The intensive training program aimed at equipping 581 beneficiaries with essential skills and knowledge necessary for effective project implementation, focused on mitigating the potential impacts of La Niña in the region. Participants underwent training sessions, covering a range of topics including disaster preparedness, sustainable agriculture practices, and environmental conservation techniques.

Following the completion of the training program, beneficiaries are now ready to embark on the project implementation phase, where they will utilize their newly acquired skills to address the challenges posed by La Niña and contribute to building resilient communities in Alamada.

The same training was also conducted in other identified municipalities across the region, where most of the identified beneficiaries were farmers, fisherfolk, Indigenous People, and climate and disaster-vulnerable families.

Through initiatives like Project LAWA and BINHI, the department continues to foster sustainable development and promote environmental resilience across the region. (Jerry Dumdum & Donn Baleva)