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Additional 21k poor households to receive UCT cash grants

SOCCSKSARGEN – The Department of Social Welfare and Development Field Office XII through the UCT-RPMO together with the NHTU are set to process the notification, registration and payout activities for the additional 21,392 poor households as UCT-Listahanan beneficiaries.

Last year of 2018, the hired notifiers of field office did the notification activities to the 146,264 identified poor households as UCT-Listahanan beneficiaries. They were given the notification forms and asked to prepare and comply with all the needed requirements to proceed with the registration and payout.

“To date, the staff of the UCT-Regional Management Office (RPMO) together with the NHTU staff is continually coordinating with the LBP branch managers and local social welfare officers for the release of the UCT cash grants to the beneficiaries in SOCCSKSARGEN areas,” Director Bai Zorahayda T. Taha said.

Breakdown of the additional UCT-Listahanan beneficiaries in SOCCSKSARGEN areas:

Province / City SOCCSKSARGEN
North Cotabato 4158
Cotabato City 585
Sarangani 1244
South Cotabato 2663
Sultan Kudarat 2138
TOTAL 10788

Breakdown of the additional UCT-Listahanan beneficiaries in areas of ARMM-Lanao del Sur and Maguindanao (LaMa):

Province / City ARMM-LaMa
Lanao del Sur 4083
Maguindanao 6521
TOTAL 10604

Taha supplemented that the additional 21,392 poor households are coming from the provinces in SOCCSKSARGEN and ARMM-LaMa will undergo notification, registration and payout activities. The assigned staff will coordinate with LBP and local partners for the schedule of the said activities.

Taha supplemented that the additional 21,392 poor households are coming from the provinces in SOCCSKSARGEN and ARMM-LaMa will undergo notification, registration and payout activities. The assigned staff will coordinate with LBP and local partners for the schedule of the said activities.

Total UCT-Listahanan Beneficiaries

To date, a total of 334,660 Listahanan identified poor households will receive the UCT cash grants. Of these number, 157,052 households are from SOCCSKSARGEN provinces while 177,608 households are from ARMM-LaMa provinces.

For the SOCCSKSARGEN provinces:

  • Cotabato – 61,532 households
  • Cotabato City – 6,727 households
  • Sarangani – 21,852 households
  • South Cotabato – 32,225 households
  • Sultan Kudarat – 34,716 households

For the ARMM-LaMa provinces:

  • Lanao del Sur – 96,222 households
  • Maguindanao – 81,386 households

The UCT-RPMO staff had started to coordinate with the Landbank Managers in region 12 to confirm if the master lists of the additional UCT-Listahanan beneficiaries were being downloaded in their servicing branch. In addition, the notification, registration and payout for the new identified beneficiaries will commence after the needed social preparations of the region has taken place.   

“All the funds for Unconditional Cash Transfer (UCT) grants are lodged in the LandBank of the Philippines,” – Director Taha re-affirmed.

The UCT refers to the social welfare benefit under the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) law or the Republic Act 10963 in the amount of PhP 200.00 per month in 2018; and PhP 300.00 per month in 2019 and 2020. ###

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DSWD 12 volunteer group wins PanaTa Ko sa Bayan Awards

UVCP President Mayvel Aquino with DSWD Secretary Bautista and DSWD 12 Assistant Regional Director for Operations Gemma Rivera during the national awarding ceremony in Manila.

ISULAN, Sultan Kudarat—A local volunteer group of DSWD Region 12 has been recognized as Best Volunteer Group during the agency’s  8th PaNata Ko sa Bayan Awards Ceremony recently at the Landbank Auditorium, Landbank Plaza, Malate, Manila.

United Volunteers for Community Progre is a recognized organization of barangay and municipal local government unit of Isulan that serves as partner of development in local development initiatives. It is a group of Kalahi-CIDSS community volunteers from 2011, representing various sectors in the village to help improve the well-being of villagers, encourage participation of various sectors in various development programs, and improve the delivery of coordinated social services.

The organization is a partner of DSWD and local government in implementing programs, designing citizen monitoring initiatives, to empower and foster active citizenship at community levels, and building partnerships between citizens and government in the practice of social accountability.

“Being a volunteer is not an easy job, it takes passion, commitment and sacrifices. This award symbolizes our desire to influence our peers to commit in nation-building and to uplift the principles of community-driven development approach,’’ Mayvel Aquino, 45, the organization’s President.

Aquino also added that the award is a manifestation of the hard work they have offered into the program, the award will also inspire them to continue their commitment in helping their community and in empowering their neighbours to help in achieving the goals of Bayanihan.

Gemma Rivera, Assistant Regional Director for Operations and Regional Program Manager of Kalahi-CIDSS DSWD XII, said that individual or group volunteers like the UVCP is the pride of region and is a living proof that they are still the lifeblood of the program.

“Volunteers recognized nationwide for their heroic deeds are the trophies of the program, it is my honour to have been a part of their journey and to witness their hard work being recognized by the government”, Rivera said.

The annual PaNata ko sa Bayan Awards recognizes partners and stakeholders who have been helpful in providing assistance to various activities of the DSWD especially during disaster and emergency response operations, implementation of protective and promotive programs and services, capacity building activities , and other means of support to assist the marginalized and poor sectors of the society.

The UVCP is a volunteer group is under the DSWD XII Kalahi-CIDSS program who also garnered several awards in the Regional and National Bayani Ka! Awards and was a finalist in Buhay ang Pangarap Awards of the Aljay Corporation last 2018.

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DSWD 12 completes 179 Kalahi-CIDSS projects, benefits 103K households in 2018

KORONADAL CITY, South Cotabato- The Department of Social Welfare and Development in Region 12 has completed 179 Kalahi-CIDSS projects in 2018 with the total amount of P275.75 million in various barangays and municipalities, an agency top official said Thursday.

Gemma N. Rivera, DSWD 12 assistant regional director and program manager said that the various community projects have benefited some 103K households. 

“These completed projects are considered to be the most pressing needs and have been instrumental in order for the beneficiary communities to access basic social services of the government and other organizations,” Rivera said.

Rivera noted that a good number of these completed projects are located in far-flung and geographically isolated and disadvantaged areas in the region.

“These are fruits of collaborative efforts of various agencies, local government units and villagers in various communities in order to not just simply put up physical projects but also invest on human capital through capacity building activities to enable them to be capable of managing other projects in their communities in the future,” Rivera said.

Rivera added that the mobilization and involvement of ordinary citizens in various community activities is considered of equal importance to the physical projects itself.

“We need to empower ordinary citizens to ensure that they understand their responsibilities as beneficiaries and to inculcate the values of transparency, participation, accountability and sense of ownership to sustain these projects,” Rivera said.

Among the completed projects include schools, pre and post-harvest facilities, health stations, rescue vehicles, solar lights, school buildings, potable water system, road rehabilitation and concreting, core shelter and many others.

Kalahi-CIDSS, which stands for Kapit-Bisig Laban sa Kahirapan-A Comprehensive and Integrated Delivery of Social Service, is one of the poverty-alleviation programs of the government that is being implemented by the DSWD.

Nationwide, the program is implemented in 14 regions and 10, 595 barangay. It uses the community-driven development (CDD) approach, which enables communities in targeted poor and disaster-affected municipalities to identify their own needs, and collectively implement and manage solutions to these needs.  (Hilbert T. Estacion, regional social marketing officer, DSWD 12)

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DSWD 12 welcomes WB recommendation to expand CCT coverage

KORONADAL CITY — A senior official of Department of Social Welfare and Development welcomed World Bank recommendation to expand  the coverage of the state’s cash program as the global financing institution saw the  program effective in reducing poverty.

In this picture taken 2011 shows CCT beneficiaries in Palembang, Sultan Kudarat, November 2011. (Photo by Jeoffrey Maitem)

Bai Zorahayda T. Taha, regional director of Department of Social welfare and Development, said Wednesday the World Bank cited in their latest assessment report large number of poor families with children that have not yet been covered. 

“This is a welcome development for us. We can help more families once the government will allow it,” Dr. Taha said.

The lending company, in their report, cited the Conditional Cash Transfer program, also known Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program, is compliant in three of seven key indicators.

“There are solid arguments to expand coverage of Pantawid to include additional families in 2019, taking into account the large number of poor families with children that have not yet been covered,” the latest World Bank’s report read.

Under CCT,  the government allocates rice allowance and grants amounting to P500 to P1, 400 for each beneficiary household, depending on the number of eligible children. Each family is allowed a maximum of three children to receive the monthly benefits provided they have to stay in school and maintain class attendance of at least 85 percent each month.

At the same time, pregnant women are also required to avail pre- and post-natal care, and delivery must be assisted by skilled health personnel, while parents are mandatory to take “family development sessions” to enable them to become better parents. (JBM/DSWD) 

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UCT Listahanan: Notification and Registration Process Flow

SOCCSKSARGEN – The 146,264 Listahanan identified poor households in SOCCSKSARGEN provinces after being validated and identified as UCT beneficiaries shall finally undergo the process of notification and registration.

“The staff of the National Household Targeting Unit (NHTU) together with the newly created UCT-Regional Project Management Office had started training the UCT Notifiers to be assigned in different areas in the region,” Director Bai Zorahayda T. Taha said.

Taha added that based on the result of the meeting with the Managers from the Landbank of Philippines operating within the region, there were identified municipalities to be the subject as pilot areas for UCT-Listahanan’s notification, registration and pay-out.

In additon, out of the Listahanan identified poor households as UCT beneficiaries in SOCCSKSARGEN provinces, 57,374 households are from the province of North Cotabato, 6,142 households from Cotabato City, 20,608 households from Sarangani, 29,562 households from South Cotabato and 32,578 households from Sultan Kudarat.

Before the end of the year, the Field Office XII aims to release the PhP 2,400.00 which translates to PhP 200.00 per month to the identified beneficiaries.  – Director Taha ended.

The UCT refers to the social welfare benefit under the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) law or the Republic Act 10963 in the amount of PhP 200.00 per month in 2018; and PhP 300.00 per month in 2019 and 2020.

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DSWD-12 completes 472 Kalahi-CIDSS projects

Koronadal City—The Department of Social Welfare and Development in Region 12 has completed 472 of various community projects through one of its flagship poverty-alleviation programs, Kalahi-CIDSS, an agency official announced Thursday.

Gemma N. Rivera, assistant regional director and Kalahi-CIDSS program manager of DSWD-12 said that the various completed projects were implemented in 17 municipalities in the region from 2014 to 2018.

“These projects have been implemented not just to address the various identified community problems but also to empower the villagers and local government units by adopting community-driven development as a strategy,” Rivera said.

Rivera added that the completed community projects are result of convergence efforts of the agency and local government units by giving ordinary citizens an opportunity to make informed decisions to identify their problems, plan, manage, implement, monitor and sustain their chosen projects.

“These projects are usually located in hardest-to-reach communities in the region basically to facilitate the access of basic social services especially of the poorest among the poor villagers,” Rivera said.

Among the towns who benefited the projects are Alalamada, Aleosan, Banisilan, Carmen and Pikit in North Cotabato, Bagumbayan, Isulan, Kalamansig, Lambayong, Lebak, Lutayan, Palimbang and Senator Ninoy Aquiono in Sultan Kudarat and Glan, Kiamba, Maasim and Maitum in Sarangani Province.

Funded through World Bank and local counterpart contributions of barangay and municipal government units, the total amount of completed community projects is P734 million according to Rivera.

The agency is targeting to complete more than 100 other community projects including schools, bridges, water systems, roads, pre and post-harvest facilities, health stations, disaster response and rescue equipment, livelihood, flood control and many others that are currently implemented in various towns in the region.

Kalahi-CIDSS is one of the poverty-alleviation programs of the government that is being implemented by the DSWD. It uses the community-driven development (CDD) approach, which enables communities in targeted poor and disaster-affected municipalities to identify their own needs, and collectively implement and manage solutions to these needs. (Hilbert T. Estacion, regional social marketing officer, DSWD 12)

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ARDO Rivera shared her wisdom to Sustainable Livelihood Program’s RPMO specialists

DSWDAssistant Regional Director Gemma N. Rivera, RSW during the SLP RPMO Meeting

The DSWD Field Office XII Assistant Regional Director for Operation Gemma N. Rivera, RSW on her wisdom shared during the Regional Project Management Office meeting together with the Promotive Services Chief Bonifacio V. Selma, SWO V and the Provincial Coordinators from the clustered provinces of the region. ARDO Rivera gave emphasis on the importance of behavior along with attitude of every employees towards its designations and relationship with co- workers.

“ Narating ko ang 40 years in service sa DSWD, but the trust in me is still there.

The wisdom that i wanted to share is that you should always possess the passion and sustain such relationship towards our or your heads and co-workers and to do your part in your own best way as possible. Do not mind and ask others role and functions, if they’re always absent, or not reporting or even not submitting the necessary documents… or bakit hindi n’ya ginagawa ang kanyang trabaho, just do your part, because merong administrators… it’s us
who will look into that.

…I’ve gained and learned my part…i’ve never applied as ARDO, but because i’ve make sure my work and attitude are tacked properly and ni-respeto ko ang aking kapwa, that what makes me, who am i now. Just do you part lang..

“I could still remember the days na naiiwan ako sa office na magisa at nag o-overtime for some reports that I should be submitting at walang magtuturo sa akin kasi nga wala akong matanongan, but I’ve learned how to trouble shot things gradually, I’ve gained my part and you know what, my superiors didn’t heard me complaining, I lingered on into the passion of service and lagi kong iniisip at sina-sapuso na I love my work and gagawin ko ang nararapat kong gagawin na naayon sa aking designation. Kaya all I wanted from all you is that, just do your job well, consider the importance ng pagtatrabaho. That is why for 2018, I wanted that SLP will be having a good start, gusto ko na itaas ang SLP…I want SLP to have a positive image..kaya pagtulongan natin ito.” ARDO Rivera said. ARDO Rivera however was recognized and received an award for her 40TH year in service during the celebration of the DSWD 67TH year anniversary in Metro Manila last month.

The RPMO meeting agenda was the implementation of the Sustainable Livelihood Program in Marawi and the identification of workers who will be implementing the program, the back logs and the plotting of the staffs per province.

Regional Project Coordinator for Operation Noraidah T. Busran presented to the Promotive Services Chief Bonifacio V. Selma, SWO V the Regional Project Management Office specialist wherein he was so glad to have a work force that are driven and capacitated for Sustainable Livelihood Program.

He added that the beginning of the month of 2018 Sustainable Livelihood Program takes off with the releasing of the PEAF or the Pre- Employment Assistance Fund in the 5 clustered provinces of the region. Most of the program participants who received such funds are the graduates in the Skills Training on Security Services NCI, Skills Training on Massage Therapy,Skills Training on Automotive Servicing NCII, Skills Training on Heavy Equipment Operation NCII and those you are currently employed to the program Employment facilitation partners like Magsigue in the Municipality of T’boli, KCC Mall of Marbel and General Santos, Nirvana Construction in Koronadal, AMCOOP in Polomolok  and other unmentioned partners.

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ARDO Rivera, Guest Speaker sa SLP Skills Training Graduation Ceremony

KoronadaL City – Guest Speaker si Assistant Regional Director for Operation Gemma Rivera, RSW sa ginanap na Joint Culminating and Graduation Ceremonies ng Sustainable Livelihood Program at Kidapawan Technical School and Security Training Center, Incorporated sa Bonifacio Street, Kidapawan City sa Probinsiya ng North Cotabato.

10 program participants na pawang mga 4P’s beneficiaries mula sa Munisipyo ng President Roxas ang nagtapos sa Skills Training on Dressmaking NCII, 10 mula sa Munisipyo ng Banisilan, 16 naman mula sa Munisipyo ng Alamada at 21 para sa Beauty Care NCII mula parin sa Munisipyo ng Alamada.

Sa mensahe ni ARDO Gemma Rivera, RSW, binigyan nya ng diin ang pagpapahalaga ng pagmamahal at kahalagahan ng bawat pamilya upang isulong ang pagiging matiwasay ng pamumuhay upang maiahon angn bawat isa sa kahirapan. Aniya, “… kami po sa DSWD, panata na po namin at parte ng aming tungkulin na maibigay po ang nararapat na social services po sa inyong lahat…naway hindi ito ang kataposan, bagkos ito’y umpisa na ng pagbabago sa inyong pamumuhay, livelihood man o micro-enterprise development ang magiging output ng inyong skills training mula sa KTSSTCI, ang Sustainable Livelihood Program ay patuloy parin kayong gagabayan at i monitor ng ating mga Project Developments Officers sa inyong mga barangay. Sana ang mga Starter Kits o Tool Kits Tulad ng Complete set ng Sewing Machines sa bawat isang program participants, mga tela at iba pa para sa Dressmaking NCII na skills training at mga Beauty products ang equipments para sa Skills Training on Beauty Care NCII ay inyong gagamitin, magiging source ng pagnenegosyo o pagkakakitaan para maiangat ang inyong level of well being at higit sa lahat, para sa inyong mga pamilya.” Pinangunahan din ni ARDO Rivera ang pamamahagi ng mga Tool/Starter Kits sa mga nagtapos.

Dumalo rin sa nasabing aktibidad si TESDA senior specialist Engr. Frank Beltran, Sustainable Livelihood Program Regional Project Coordinator for Administration Edgar R. Guerra, Provincial Coordinator for North Cotabato Cluster 1 Ramil Sali Tamama at Provincial Coordinator for North Cotabato Cluster 2 Dels Mandangan mga Project Developments officers ng Banisilan, Alamada at President Roxas at iba pang mga munisipyo.

Ayon kay Kidapawan Technical School and Security Training Center Incorporated Charlin P. Retiza, CST, PhD. at Training Director, magpapatuloy ang partnership ng DSWD at KTSSTCI para sa iisang layunin na matulongan ang mga program participants ng Sustainable Livelihood Program Dswd Socsksargen area na maiangat ang pamumuhay mula sa kahirapan.

Nagtapos ang culminating and graduation activity na may ngiti sa bawat labi ng mga graduates, bitbit ang kani-kanilang mga startkets/tool kits.

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